Arts & Crafts at the Dali Museum – Liquid Desires Craft Beer Party

Do you have a more refined taste in your evening beverages? Are you interested in the Marvels of Illusion, including artistic pieces “mirroring Dali’s fascination with double images”? If so, The Courtney at Bay Pines Apartments has the event for you!


The Dali Museum is hosting an evening of “Liquid Desires” this Saturday, August 23rd from 8-11 p.m. that will feature craft brews from around the region, food samplings from trendy local eateries in the area, and even dancing – all surrounded by some of the most famous paintings in the world. The Dali Museum is located in Downtown St. Petersburg, just a short drive from The Courtney at Bay Pines! If you’d like some more information on this event, and more events coming up at the Dali Museum, please visit the Dali Museum’s website !


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